Plainly Doing It The Texas Way

Plains All-American Pipeline, owner & operator of Line 901, a crude oil pipeline that shuttles oil extracted from offshore rigs in the Santa Barbara Channel, to storage & refining facilities in California’s Central Valley and out-of-state, doesn’t give much credence to automatic shut-off valves It prefers to operate the line remotely from it’s facilities in Texas, using manual valves, which makes it the only oil pipeline in Santa Barbara County without automatic shutoff ability.


The most recent internal inspection by the Federal agency with overview, PHMSA, revealed much greater pipeline corrosion than Plains had stated, which resulted in a burst pipeline just South of Refugio Beach State Park this past June, apparently triggered by changes in pipeline pressure by the same remote facility in Texas. Crude oil flowed through a couple of drainage culverts, down a swale, over a bluff, and flowed into the surf. An estimated 21,000 gallons of it, out of a total spill of 105,000 gallons.



The Santa Barbara Independent ( ) has been the best source of news to date.


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