Dis-Able Maldonado

Able Maldonado can't handle his own company's tax obligations

California State Senator Able Maldonado claimed the catbird’s seat last year when he became the vote to break the stalemate over the long-deadlocked budget vote. He used the opportunity to push for a constitutional amendment to allow for an open primary. While appearing populist on the surface, the open primary in practice virtually eliminates any potential impact of third-party candidates upon the established duopoly. In appreciation for taking the spotlight off Governator Schwarzenegger’s inept negotiating skills, Maldonado was appointed to fill the vacant Junior (Lt.) Governator’s seat. Maldonado must run this November to gain a full term in the seat. Let’s ensure that his business acumen has a chance to gain from a bit more experience, by sending him back to his family’s farming business in Santa Maria this coming November.


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