Karl Rove — Architect of all he sees

Karl Rove's legacy: Garbage in, garbage out

Garbage in, garbage out.
Sums up the legacy of Karl Rove in his new autobiography


2 thoughts on “Karl Rove — Architect of all he sees

  1. I used to enjoy your cartoons when I lived in SLO. Thought these historic cartoons and covers from the era of the Nonpartisan League of North Dakota might be of some interest.


    My favorite of the bunch.


    The NPL is probably best known these days for founding the state-owned Bank of North Dakota. Michael Moore’s take on the BND.

  2. Thanks for the interesting link. The original ink drawings are available to view, apparently. I also was moved by the inspirational image representing true Democracy coming to ND (c.1919). That’s an example of what is now termed an advocacy cartoon and is generally looked-down upon by contemporary editorial cartoonists, who tend to feel that a cartoon should present a critical view of events and politicians, and not uncritically advocate a cause. Historically though, I suspect that the advocacy images were very influential given (assumed) high literacy rates. Curious, that today, with a supposedly higher literacy rate, the standards and language of journalism, editorial writing and cartooning are lower.

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