Mystery Dune

oceano dunes pollution drifts to nipomo

The local air pollution control district released a study quantifying and source-identifying particulate matter pollution from the Oceano Dunes SVRA. Simply, motorized dunes wreckreation is responsible for health risks to residents living downwind of the Oceano Dunes, period.

In the cartoon, I used a Nipomo landmark, Jocko’s steakhouse, in old downtown Nipomo to represent the inland destination of the pollution.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Dune

  1. Interested parties not having an agenda will watch the air pollution meeting on Wednesday and will realize the conclusions made by the air district are not sound. Others will close the book and use the air district report as their bible. This cartoon is humorous, but “wreckreation” qualifies the artist to be of a particular mindset. I hope he will give up such polarized views and become more liberal and tolerant.

  2. As opposed to more conservative and intolerant?

    Greg, welcome to my blog, which presents my editorial or “political” cartooning work, and by definition presents a point of view, therefore biased, and to some may be perceived as “polarizing,” thus successful.

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