Who woulda thunkit?

What a weird job! I’m sitting down to do this week’s cartoon—this one’s on Estate Financial execs Karen Guth & Josh Yaguda—and I get a pang of compassion. So you tell me—do you feel I should lay off them? They’ve been sitting in jail for a year, but they’ve also recklessly ruined the financial future of perhaps hundreds of investors, some utterly. And the family is still up to it, with Yaguda’s wife running the olive business under trusteeship, she’s lowballing an offer to buy the whole business for herself from the court. Guth’s ex is still running around free but should be in the klinker with the two of them. I suspect most of the remaining money, whatever can be recovered, will end up in their lawyers’ retirement fund.

Should I do a different topic? Do I have a right to feel sorry for them? Can I just accept it as a sign of my spiritual progress evolution, and continue with the cartoon anyway? Tune in Thursday when the NEW TIMES hits the stands!


2 thoughts on “Who woulda thunkit?

  1. No mercy…. they knew what they were doing! Staying in jail is part of the plan and it seems to be working with the judge and you. Hang the Bastards!

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